#drivefor5: top 5 tips for competing [win fitbook PREP signed by nicole wilkins!]

Written By katy allan - September 16 2016


September 20 2016

first of all, thank you ALL so much for entering!!! this was by FAR the toughest giveaway decision we’ve ever had to make, as you all shared such incredible stories – so tough in fact that we had to pick TWO winners!! i wish we could choose every single one of you!! the winners of the signed fitbook PREP are….michelle fannin and jennifer werley!! congratulations, ladies! we’ll send you an email with the details!

Tanya Kiker
September 18 2016

My husband and I started our journey in 2010 and did our first show together in 2012 we bothe placed 3rd. My next show is November 5, 2016 and I will be competing for my pro card. If that happens I will turn around and compete December 5th as a pro.

Amy Gingell
September 18 2016

My fitness competition will start again at the Jay Cutler in Boston, dates have not been announced, but historically it’s the last weekend in April. I competed 3 times this year (2016), had to take a break to repair my hernia. I pushed off the surgery for 3 years, until it caused me great pain.
Competing for me is a passion. It is a passion I developed after an uterine cancer scare when I was 39. Hearing the physician say " you have a large tumor mass on your uterus, and it needs to be removed" was devastating. We always wanted another baby, but procrastinated, and now we knew I would never bear a child again, iand may be a complete hystorectomy at 39. Thankfully, I did keep my ovaries, but my uterus weighed 6#, when removed, and cancer free! From that point on , I said I need to be healthy and be a phenomenal role model for my son….so I hired a coach and 18 weeks later,I was on stage competing, I started the dieting portion while recovering from surgery and then lifting started 6 weeks later. So now 3 years later, I compete 3-4 times a year, my son is a high school wrestler, so I have taught him awesome nutrtion and he has learned how to “make weight” for his wrestling class, without doing any crazy things. We food prep together, go to the gym on weekends together and sometimes do the candid “who has the larger bicep pose.” Many teenagers would never do the above with their mom, but he has learned so much from me, and we have a special bond. This is a lifestlye I have embraced and enjoy. I get emails that I inspire people at the ripe age of 44. I think Nicole is a great role model, her consistency is unmatched. I will hit the Master’s National stage in July, as well, my second time up there, and I know this fitbook will enhance my training, and help me keep better track, and get better results. I will also get one for my son, it will help him too, and it’s another thing we can do together. Thank you all for the opportunity.

Sandy Laurence
September 17 2016

May 2017

This will be my 4th of competing I’ve lost 30kg since I started.
I love seeing the changes in my body and me.

September 17 2016

Did my 3rd show in June…next one planning for April 2017!
Why? To prove to MYSELF I could change my body and in my 40’s after having kids. I’ve found a best friend along the way, and I love pushing myself at the gym. :-)

Amy Hearring
September 17 2016

I am so inspired and would love to compete but I am not sure if I have the discipline … I don’t even really know where to begin! My husband competed in his early 20’s and is looking to try to compete again. I have always gone to the gym with him and kind of followed his workouts but as a woman I feel like he has no idea what my nutrition and workout plan should be … he’s still tweaking his own lol … but he inspires me and you also inspire me, Nicole! I would love to win this guide and to start journaling … who knows I might get myself to a point where I could compete! Best of everything to you!
Amy (mother of 4)

September 17 2016

Competition is in April 2017, I am competing to show moms that they can get it back, and of course to set an example for my kiddos.

Dolores Zaragoza
September 17 2016

I always had the love for weight training thanks to my older brother who was a trainer and competitor in Mexico. Every time he had the chance he’ll try to convince me to compete, abd every time I will tell him that I’m to old (I’m 42 and have 3 beautiful girls) last December he finally convinced me to start preparing for a competition in May 2016 my only condition was that he will compete with me. We were so excited about that and he was more than happy to help me with my diet, exercise and all my preparation. I spoke to him on January 8 2016 and he told me “I’m going to give you this weekend so you can eat anything because on Monday we will start our journey, you’ll see..he said…”you are not going to regret doing a competition now like we did 22 years ago and you will inspire a lot of women the same way you did it that time in our small town"…two days after that my brother died on a terrible accident… I’m still heartbroken, i still don’t understand, I have cried a lot, he was more than a brother to me, he was like a father, he was my mentor…I feel this strength and this desire to to this competition for him, for me, for both of us! My competition is November 12 2016

Michelle Mora
September 17 2016

My first competition will be in April 2017 and I will compete in Figure Masters. After years of working out and being encouraged to compete, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. I’m extremely nervous, but I know I need to grow both in and outside of the gym. I have told my family and friends not only for their support, but to keep me accountable.

I have followed Nicole Wilkins for years and have incorporated some of her exercises into my workouts. I especially love her shoulder exercises. She’s a huge inspiration, not only for her #DriveFor5 goal, but her incredible fitness journey and her willingness to share her experiences with so many.

I look forward to this new chapter in my life and know that getting on stage will be a huge a accomplishment that I will celebrate no matter how I place!

September 17 2016

I have done 3 comps and qualified. I want to go to Nationals then the big guns!!! I am 46 with 2 boys a fulltime job and wamt women over 40 to know its oossible to be strong powerful passionate and dedicated about health and to have a goal that is just for you. The result inspires others . i out too many people ahead of my goal this year and am taking time to build …work on my back pose …grow and thrive …peo card at 50!!!

Michelle Anthony
September 17 2016

You’re the master of competition Nicole! Looking forward to seeing tonight’s win!

Toni Miller
September 17 2016

I started competing a year ago, have started following Nicole and am a member of her site, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for next year! I am 52, and loving every minute of the training and tips she gives. It has taken me to a whole new level!!! Thanks for everything!

Sherry Bobb
September 17 2016

After having part of my Tibia removed, I started going to the gym again for rehab after years of home exercise. Being in the gym again reminded me how much I love working out there. Not that I wasn’t lifting heavy at home, but I just don’t have the equipment! I love pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday or last week and I have set August next year as my competition date, much longer than 12 weeks,but I have to build the quad and calf muscle of my right leg due to muscle atrophy from the surgery. I’ll be 54 next August, so it’s sort of a birthday gift to myself!

Ashley G
September 17 2016

1. I have 2 shows planned, one next weekend (sept 24), and another at the end of October (oct 22). I just completed one show last weekend and won overall figure, my goal Is to take overall at another one of my shows to prove to myself I have what it takes to step on the Nationals stage at Miami in November.

2. I compete for me. I have a long history of cheerleading & gymnastics, and after graduating college and “retiring”, I was missing my passion and fire. For me, competing isn’t about stepping on stage, it’s about pushing my body to be better every day. Whether it’s “offseason” or prep, I am always striving to improve in some aspect. Competing has given me the ability to continue to motivate myself. I have found my true passion. I know I was made for this. I want to be a successful competitor and role model for others as well, as my current journey to train and coach others is also taking place! This is a lifestyle that I choose to live, and want nothing more than to continue to pursue my dreams and passion (and maybe step on stage with Nicole one day).

Brandy Morgan-Kochel
September 17 2016

See comment above. Meant to say, myself. Nicole you are a true class act and athlete. Admired you so much. Cheering you on from Washington State. Fellow Michigander here!

Brandy Morgan-Kochel
September 17 2016

Emerald cup 2016. Why? I want to prove to misled that I can start something and finish it.

September 17 2016

I was injured in a car accident in December 2016. I had just decided to compete in my first fitness competition, so I had to stop due to the injuries. I am still unable to return to the gym, but I am hopeful with patience and perseverance that I will be able to return to the gym and compete someday. This book would really help to motivate me, as Nicole Wilkins is my fitness idol and this would give me something positive to focus on. Nicole is a champion and a fighter, and I want to use her as my motivation and fire. Thanks for this opportunity! Go Champ! You got this!

Cassandra Guglielmetti
September 17 2016

I am about a year out from my next competition. I have competed once and broke all of the tips you have. I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. I wasnt focused and thought it would be easy. I was always athletic, I was always in shape, how hard could it be? VERY!! It a hard mentally, emotionally and physically. But during this process as much as I failed, I did fall in love with it, so I guess something good came out of it. I am now more knowledgable about the sport and i am putting on more muscle this year, and taking time to learn my body better. I have been competitive all my life so the daily competition against myself helps me stay engaged. I just purchased my second fitbook(already went through one) to help keep me on track during this time. I love the this journey, and have followed Nicole Wilkins since I started over 2 years ago. Her post/comments on social media have gotten me through some tough times! I will be watching her take home #5 tonight!

September 17 2016

Summer of 2017. I decided to compete when I realized that I could. I was always held back back the self doubt demon. Never thought I was good enough- well, when a very bad situation in my life arose, I had two options- quit or say I’m better than this. I chose the latter and the change in myself, mentally and physically was estonishing!

September 17 2016

I am planning to compete fall 2017. I’m giving myself some time to build more muscle first and to watch a couple competitions. My why? To prove to myself I can. I have lived my entire life putting off the things I want to do, putting myself last, and listening to all of the excuses. That is changing. I want to be a positive role model for my daughter, to show her that you can do anything AND should go after what you want.

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