need more grateful? take on this challenge!

Written By angela mader - November 01 2017


November 06 2017

I’m grateful I found out aboit this before it was completely over! Looking forward to the rest. ❤

November 01 2017

I’m in! @fitfoodiefamily instagram ?

November 01 2017

I love the #21days2change grateful challenge. Glad it’s back. #gratefulheart

November 01 2017

I have so much to be grateful for. I am so in!

November 01 2017

I’m in! I’m going to start a journal!

Lynne Saltz
November 01 2017

I’m in for the 21 day gratitude!

November 01 2017

I am grateful for this app…ready to take on the challenge#

November 01 2017

I’m in.

November 01 2017

I love the ideas presented here but do not go on FB daily or Instagram as I get hung up on some of the issues, thoughts and have no time to do much more, is there a way to participate outside of social media or do I just continue to use by daily fitspiration journal.

November 01 2017

I am looking forward to this challenge. I have let stress take over my life for the past two years and my body shows the damage done and my mind needs a lot of healing. This will be my jumping off point to work towards a better and fitter version of me. I do not do social media any longer, felt it was helping to create stress for me in certain ways so THANKS for listing all 21 days here for those who don’t use those platforms. Going today to get my new journal at Target.

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