no joke - we found weight loss in a bottle! [giveaway]

Written By katy allan - March 31 2016


April 04 2016

Thank you ALL so much for participating in this giveaway!! I am happy to announce that the winner of a snackstak is Rachael T. :)

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April 03 2016

I love, love, love these! I would stack berries, nuts, energy balls, and chocolate!

April 02 2016

This would be great to carry around my normal snacks of carrots and dip, grapes, and almonds!

April 02 2016

I would stack nuts, veggies, dried fruit, jerky….all kinds of possibilities!!!

ursula hilton
April 02 2016

i eat yogurt jello parfai and a lot of vegetables for snacks.

April 02 2016

I’d “stack” my protein the the large one, probably chicken— then I’d have some almonds, carrots and blueberries in the smaller ones. This would make packing lunches for school (I’m a teacher) way easier!

April 02 2016

I would love to use these for my grapes, my hummus, my Greek yogurt, cereal… The list is endless ?

April 02 2016

I’d snack on hummus, veggies, nuts

April 02 2016

I would stack a salad for school, or other snacks like almonds, chia seeds, yogurt, and blueberries!

Rebecca Irvin
April 02 2016

I’ve been taking my health seriously lately, so I’m always looking for ways to help with my cravings. I could keep my almonds, protein powder and other supplements handy with this! I would have one for my car, my gym back, etc. to keep me from stopping off at the 7-11 for “just a little snack.”

Laura Gray
April 02 2016

This would make snacking so convenient. To have preportioned snacks available (dark chocolate, nuts, trail mix, veggies, berries, etc) would keep the amount of snaking down to an okay amount.

April 02 2016

Cottage cheese, raspberries, almonds, and definitely heart healthy dark chocolate :-) !

rj Delgadillo
April 02 2016

I would portion of my fruits and veggies for the the day and be able to more easily hit my goals for the day!

Jennifer Knopke
April 01 2016

I would save a ton of money and make my own P3 snacks packs…meat, nuts, and cheese. On the go portion control is so important. This is perfectly designed to support this concept.

April 01 2016

I would stack my protein powder, carrots, and cherry tomatoes with hummus.

April 01 2016

Great container for the correct portions. Organized Snacks on the go!

April 01 2016

I would put tuna or chicken in the 4 ounce portion, cucumbers 3 ounce, sunflower seeds 2 ounce and I’m right with you on the dark chocolate!!! These are awesome, great way to prep the night before!

Seda Chhav
April 01 2016

This would be great to take some hummus and veggies on the go!

April 01 2016

I like to put my salad toppings in them – lunch meat or chicken in big, egg, croutons or cheese, and dressing in the small ?
Also, pre-portioned snacks for my one-year-old would be a great idea!

Siobhan Cornelius
April 01 2016

I would probably use this to put nuts and veggies in it :)

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