12 foods you should be weighing

Written By katy allan - December 03 2015


June Farley-Rondon
December 05 2015

I can’t wait to weigh my mama’s pop corn balls. She makes “soft ones” so they aren’t so hard on your teeth …. but I’m sure they are probably just as hard on your thighs and butt!!!

December 04 2015

thank you ALL so much for sharing your favorite holiday snacks to weight – each post made us hungrier here at fitlosophy! ;)

today’s winner of the digital food scale is Marnie G. :) if you didn’t win today, be sure to check our posts for the next 10 days – we’re giving away prizes and gifts for the #12daysofFITmas!

Dora Ratcliff
December 04 2015

The one holifday treat you cna’t wait to weigh is…. yummy dark choclate with Fleur de Sal. A little goes a long way.

Shellie Duncan
December 04 2015

My husband fudge. He makes the best. He uses the pecans off our own tree.

Kathie Hanson
December 04 2015

I can’t wait to weigh the fudge I make each year. One bowl chocolate fudge, no cooking, very easy and very delicious.

December 03 2015

I can’t wait to weigh some homemade fudge…I make some for the neighbors each year and always save a little something for me :-)

December 03 2015

From now on, when ever I can, I commit to weighing my ice cream and wine. Both indulgences (especially ice cream) I over do on. That will help me truly live my life fit.

December 03 2015

I can’t wait to weigh the toffee and caramel popcorn!

Kelly (@282to180)
December 03 2015

I cannot wait to weigh my grandma’s recipe of Chocolate Toffee I make every year! ?

December 03 2015

Cannot wait to weigh my English toffee.

Marnie G (Derrick Todd)
December 03 2015

Shared on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350084571014354379/.

Marnie G (Derrick Todd)
December 03 2015

I look forward to homemade cookies every year. I don’t think I can say I would look forward to weighing them though — sometimes, ignorance is bliss but I guess that knowing is half the battle.

December 03 2015

The ONE holiday treat you can’t wait to weigh is….. my mothers homemade cheesecake.
I have been making it for several years now for my family we all look forward to this treat every year.

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