12 journaling tips for the #goalgetter

Written By katy allan - December 02 2015


Meghan M.
December 02 2015

My big goal for 2016 is to complete a full marathon. I’m running my first half 12/13 and have 2 more halves on the books for the beginning of the year.

AnnMarie M Melendrez
December 02 2015

My goal is to start working out again. I was running, walking, hiking and going to classes but lost the momentum 8 months ago. Need to find and keep it this time!

December 02 2015

My goal for 2016 is to connect.

Sarah Strait
December 02 2015

My goal in the upcoming year is to exercise and eat right with no excuses! I usually blame it on too little sleep or being too busy. But not this year! My babies are 1 and almost 4, so it’s time to focus on me a little. Especially in the early mornings.

December 02 2015

My goal this year is to lose 20 pounds (on top of the 30 so far). My biggest weakness is in inconsistent journaling. Some days I’m great, others I drop off. I am committed to journaling.

December 02 2015

My goal for 2016 is to live happily and healthily. Do more good for myself and others.

December 02 2015

My goal for next year is to get healthier.
Eat cleaner, get my workouts in and get better with writing in my journal .

December 02 2015

My goal for next year is to eat healthier, only allow myself a treat one day a week, and keep up the consisten workouts I’ve been doing this fall. And my second goal is to feel better about my body before summer so that I can feel comfortable in my bikini again! My first fitbook helped me to work out more often so I can’t wait to see where my next one will take me!

Kelly (@282to180)
December 02 2015

My BIG goal is to “feel” fit. I have weight loss goals and I have a goal size and an idea of what I want to look like when I get to my goal point, but ultimately I want to for once feel fitter or stronger than the person I used to be and not subconsciously be worried about what people are thinking about the size of my (insert any body part here). Fitbook has helped me get 25 lbs down already and I can’t wait to see where this second one takes me. I would love to have one on back up for Part 3!!!

December 02 2015

My big goal is to be comfortable enough in my bathing suit to be photographed this upcoming April vacation!!

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