7 keys to a "lucky" life

Written By angela mader - March 17 2016


March 22 2016

thank you ALL so much for commenting on Angela’s blog post, and for sharing which of her tips resonated with you most. I am happy to announce that the winner of our goal getter fitspiration journal is Cassie. :-)

Dana Hillman
March 22 2016

The one key that resonates the most with me is “Trust the Process!” I know this is where I struggle the most. I want it all and I want it now. All things happen for a reason and what we put out in the universe comes back to us 10 fold if we keep a positive mindset and positive actions. I know that great things are coming my way….if I just trust the process!

March 22 2016

Many of these resonate with me. I have always been the wife, the friend, the mom etc. Its now time for me and I am looking forward to being the best me I can. Thank you for such a great post!

March 21 2016

From the get go you hit us with Show up! LOVED it. The effort is so often in the procrastination and the guilt of not being there… cause once you’re in the action, you strive. Thank you

March 21 2016

Several of the 7 resonate with me, starting with “show up”. While this seems so simple, it truly is key! Also, “say no-even when you want to say yes”- I have a wonderful upgraded circle, but I tend to get lost in all of the wonderful “yes” options with them and forget about looking after “me”….this is a work in progress and this article is a terrific reminder, thanks!

March 20 2016

Sometimes I have to remind myself that what I “want” in the moment (potato chips, mostly!) isn’t in line with what I want in the future (to win my bodybuilding show). It helps to think and plan ahead and envision the future looking the way you want! And then, yes, it does feel “lucky”.

March 19 2016

I thought this was great and inspirational in sorts. But also a kick in the butt. The thing that resonates the most to me is say no even when you want to say yes. I joined a weight loss competition so I could get a kick start on being more healthy (which the fitbook was so helpful with). I had to say no to all the sweets that went by me even though it would have been so easy to say yes (something I need to remember now that it’s done). You can’t say yes to everything without jeopardizing something in return. So that is something that I can really relate to (I also say yes a lot and never have me time because I’m doing things for others so much, which also isn’t great). Also trusting the process. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason (even if I wished they didnt). I look back on many things and realize that there was a reason something didn’t work, or a reason I didn’t get a job that I was hoping for. I’m currently in a job I really enjoy and working with some great people. Who knows I may have been miserable in the other position. So yes. I’m sure lots of people can relate to any of these! They are all so great.

March 17 2016

is my mantra right now. I got comfortable in my wonderful marriage and let taking care of my body slip to wayside. Now that I have a couple of health problems, I have found my motivation to show up for myself. I still have days where sleeping in and binging on late night snacks is all I want to do. However, I like how I feel more when I exercise or eat right all day. I happened onto Fitbook in Walgreens and found the push I needed to kick things into gear.

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