happy birthday 'merica: watermelon cake [+ fitbook CAMO giveaway!]

Written By katy allan - July 01 2016


July 05 2016

thank you all so much for participating in our giveaway!! annnnnd the winner is (drumroll)…..evelinda! we hope you had a great 4th, and stay tuned for more fun giveaways!!

July 04 2016

My favorite go to tip is to have EVERYTHING written in my Fitbook for the week and clothes, shoes preworkout out, because I will follow through with that first instead of skipping it for all the barbecues LOL!

Hollie dickey
July 04 2016

We like to go to the local park and hit the trails. Our favorite is the red trail, which is 3 miles up and down the mountain. And there’s nothing better than a cool, refreshing fruit salad as a post hike snack!!!

Amanda Giles
July 04 2016

Since it’s raining where we live, we decided to out drive the rain for some hiking with our puppy.

Patricia Lake
July 04 2016

My favorite outdoor activity is walking at the beach and listening to the waves. I purchased waterproof sandals and a sun protective hat and cape to wear when I am out in the sun. Whenever I am stressed, I picture the beach in my mind’s eye!

Ebony Robinson
July 03 2016

It’ll be a nice barbeque with the family for me. I absolutely love the summer because of how easy it is to eat deliciously grilled veggies. My faves are grilled zucchini, yellow squash, and mushrooms with a little balsamic and s&p.

Marie Flickinger
July 03 2016

I like to make a salad using blueberries, cucumbers, feta and white balsamic vinaigrette this time of year. It’s quick and easy to make and always a hit at picnics.

Danellie Noffsinger
July 03 2016

My boyfriend and start the day with the Independence Day 5k at our Alma Mater, followed by horse racing and fireworks at the track! Love grilling out with my favorite— red bell peppers and sweet onions! Yum!

Colleen Garcia
July 03 2016

The weather has been a bit on the cool side, but we are hoping It warms up enough for us to get in our pool and swim. Swimming is great exercise that feels like fun!

July 03 2016

Walking over to the farmers market and grabbing some fruit for the dessert and veggies to grill. Then prepping for our lunch out on the porch.

Evelinda Cerda
July 02 2016

I love to make frozen bananas covered in peanut butter and dark chocolate. As for my favorite outdoor activity, my daughter and I love going for hikes and taking our dogs for a walk.

July 02 2016

Favorite 4th of July activity? Taking a long walk across the beach, setting up camping chairs, and watching the fireworks right overhead!

Taylor Bogan
July 02 2016

My gym holds a great big patriotic themed class that I am super excited to be attending! Just a little way of making things more festive before the fireworks and fun of the day :)

Claudia De La Fuente
July 02 2016

My husband and I will start our day with a 3 mile walk, enjoying the fresh morning air, natures beauty and each others company.

July 02 2016

Taking a long walk with the family and chasing after all the younger kids at the picnic.

Cathy Baulos
July 02 2016

I’ll be celebrating this weekend with family & friends. Grilling, swimming & fireworks! Happy 4th of July!

Roberta Thomas
July 02 2016

We are under a heat advisory for this holiday weekend. So staying hydrated during our out door activities is a must. We will swim at the complex’s pool and cookout before fireworks at night. Plenty of fresh fruit and light fit salads to go with what gets grilled. (Some are on diets and others aren’t but there will be healthy fit choices)

Kerri Fichter
July 02 2016

I’m coming back from a hamstring injury so I’ll be slowly biking on the recumbent bike and a little time on the elliptical (all approved by my PT!)

Gracie Canacho
July 01 2016

We’ll be taking the boys swimming early morning at the community center, get them to start off with a full body exercise.

Heather P
July 01 2016

My family and I will be having a picnic but will be including activities such as volleyball and 3 legged races to get everyone active at the party.

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