3 goal(d) medal tactics to negotiate #likeaBOSS

Written By angela mader - August 05 2016


August 08 2016

thank you all for your wonderful comments! the winner of the signed goal getter is delorise! we’ll email you with the details!!

August 06 2016

I am looking for as much help as I can get in this weight loss journey of mine. I’ve been at this for over a year and so far no results but I refuse to give up.

Shelly Head
August 06 2016

I typically am a process oriented girl. So I’m always thinking a step or two ahead of the discussion. How the decisions being made will be translated into daily action.

August 06 2016

So excited to see this in person!!

Jo Heckel
August 06 2016

Very informative. Learned a lot! So very inspiring . And interesting! ?.

Megan Brown
August 05 2016

These are awesome tips! Negotiating is so important in all areas of our lives! I can see how the Goal Getter journal would be so helpful to setting and meeting goals.

One of my negotiating tips is to set a cooperative tone, so that the other person knows you’re committed to coming to a mutual agreement that sets the stage for a positive, long-term working relationship, rather than simply one person winning this particular round.

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