#21days2summer: join our healthy habits challenge!

Written By katy allan - June 01 2017


May 27 2018

How do I print this out?

June 05 2017

Yayyyyy!! We’re so excited you’re all participating! We can’t wait to see how you complete the challenges! Make sure you tag us in all your pics! Yes, Aleena, two points per day is the max. :)

Bridget Hasham
June 03 2017

I love that you posted the goals ahead of time I’m much more of a success when I know ahead of time what I need to get done.

June 02 2017

I’m in! @haleneec #21days2change

June 01 2017

I love all the inspiration I get from Fitbit blog s/posts, etc. super excited for this challenge and ready to win a prize! ? Is two the maximum # of points you can get per day (one picture, one comment)?

Heather Archambo
June 01 2017

This is so fun!! I have never done a challenge before and saw it on savoringtheflavorings instagram story!!

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