bad mood? try this 1 simple thing! [+ giveaway]

Written By katy allan - June 07 2016


June 20 2016

A good minute or two of deep breathing and just letting go! I know I can’t change everything, so having a little patience goes a long way!

June 10 2016

thank you ALL so much for participating in our giveaway! i am very excited to announce that the two winners of our fitspiration journals are Gracie M. and Michelle. :)

Rana Durham
June 09 2016

my tip is to bake a delish dessert. that makes anyone happy .

June 09 2016

One of the best ways I break out of a bad mood is to do something for someone else. Seeing someone else happy or smiling usually does the trick and it is an instant mood lifter! :-)

June 09 2016

A few things to snap me out of a bad mood….snuggling with my puppies, organize/clean something while listening to music I love and finally workout or go for a walk!

June 09 2016

Looking on Instagram for inspiration and encouragement always puts me in a better mood.

June 08 2016

Coffee always makes my mood better – it’s like a big caffeinated hug!

June 07 2016

Prayer changes everything. That along with a good run.

Diane Z.
June 07 2016

Sadly I spend a lot of time in my car so I turn to music to try and keep my ,old up. Nothing beats a good old fashion walk though…

June 07 2016

Music for sure! I also find that yoga and reading help, too :)

Gracie Camacho
June 07 2016

I look at old pictures to see how far I’ve come.

Kelly McDonald
June 07 2016

I listen to my favorite music, write and/or play with the dogs. Dancing also helps!

June 07 2016

I hit the outdoors with my walking buddy. Sometimes I just need to walk and talk it out. I always finish feeling happy refreshed & renewed with an “attitude of gratitude” for having such a great friend!

June 07 2016

Smile, smile and smile. It works like a charm. Maybe I don’t feel the smile initially but give it a few minutes and it already starts to lighten my mood! If I can, I listen to an uplifting song & shake my booty (these change frequently, “Happy” is one, “Toothbrush” another… Always looking for new ones!)

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