12 simple ways to stick to your goals on vacation

Written By katy allan - April 04 2017


April 12 2017

Congrats Lois! You’ve won a goal getter. Thank your for sharing your thoughts! We will be contacting you through email. :)

Maranda Carlson
April 08 2017

When I’m on vacation I like to check out the hotel fitness equipment and pool and when sightseeing walking is always best.to get q feel for the locale and have time to experience things better than if your sick driving through traffic everywhere you go.

April 05 2017

Awesome article, I will definetly use some of those tips! What I like is that in big cities there are so many healthy options too choose from nowadays (even fully prepared meals in supermarkets). I always like to check the local groceries to stay on track in another city :)

April 05 2017

How did you know??? I’ve been working overtime to get things done before my short vaca and haven’t hit the gym all week. I don’t want to lose my exercise momentum I had before!!! Unfortunately my vaca is a sit-most-of -time trip. I want to hit the ground running when I get back and NOT be lazy as I have so many times in the past that my momentum has paused. Obviously I’m concerned because I just rambled away!! ;-}

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